Animal Dental Care Case Study

In this case study, a veterinary dental specialist emphasizes the importance of regular dental cleanings for animals. The specialist shares examples of dental issues commonly found in animals, such as broken teeth and gum disease, and emphasizes that these issues can lead to serious health problems if left untreated. By bringing attention to animal dental care, the specialist hopes to educate pet owners about the importance of maintaining proper dental hygiene for their pets.The organization is a certified veterinary dental specialist providing professional dental and oral care to animals great and small in Ontario, Canada.


Animal dental care includes procedures to maintain the oral health of pets. Regular cleanings, tooth extractions, and restorative procedures are all part of animal dental care. Proper dental care is crucial for pets, as it can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues that could lead to serious health problems. Bad breath, chewing difficulties, excessive drooling, and bleeding gums are signs that your pet may need dental care. Regular check-ups with a veterinarian and at-home dental care can help keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy and free of infection.Client wanted to development a handheld application which could provide unique interface for the different roles like the System Administrator, hospital administrator, Veterinary Technician, Referring Veterinarian, Owner and Patient (assigned information by users which have access to the Patient). Netision studied these requirements and formulated a complete roadmap detailing out the development considerations and methodology for building the solution. The solution was successfully deployed to the in premises high performance computing platform.


Before Animal Dental Care App was built, maintaining information about Animal and Clients was a very manual and time consuming task, which involved managing hundreds of spreadsheets. It was nearly impossible to report and analyze the data at the cluster level or company level. The goal was to streamline the sponsorship management process on a standard platform, which would allow for a single point of data entry and distribution, along with enhanced usability and reporting functionality.

  • To integrate the system in a seamless way so that the featured reports are available real-time.
  • To ensure security of sensitive & confidential data.
  • Provide a system which is highly configurable & scalable in order to cater to the disparate needs of a heterogeneous customer base.
  • To ensure portability of existing critical components & modules.
  • Solution

    Reduction of manual processes, Enables electronic storage and remove redundancy, Optimizes staff output by allow time savings of duties, Access level helps users of different roles to access their views and manage easily. Some of the major activities done to provide the required solution included –

  • Design of a detailed strategy to analyze various solution aspects like Application compatibility, external/internal dependencies, database compatibility, application logs analysis, compliance requirements, operational cost, data security etc.
  • Application UI was analyzed and engineered to meet the senior management.
  • Integration with Diagnostic services to capture application diagnostic data in a transparent manner.
  • Securing the data on premise SQL server and devices with SQL Lite.
  • Perform the requisite data migration from the bank’s contact center site to the on premises storage service entities.
  • Custom reports to different levels in the organization
  • Role based restriction to the various users.
  • Results

    The Animal Dental Care application provides pet owners with access to information on how to properly care for their pet's teeth. Users can input their pet's weight and age to receive personalized dental care recommendations. The application also offers a directory of local veterinarians who specialize in dental care. he results have been overwhelmingly positive, with many users reporting a significant improvement in their pet's breath, tooth color, and gum health. Poor dental care can lead to serious health issues, such as periodontal disease and heart problems, so this application is a valuable resource for ensuring the overall well-being of pets. Since its launch, the application has been downloaded over 10,000 times and has received positive feedback from users who have reported improved dental health for their pets.